Empathy: The Future of Branding

What if you could make more precise innovation choices?  What if your customers were fiercely loyal?  And what if the people you sell to became your biggest champions? It can happen but it requires something you probably haven't heard in too many branding or business development meetings....it requires empathy.  Empathy is the future of branding.

Empathy requires more than data points and research, it requires that you experience each aspect of your brand from their perspective.  We're fiercely loyal to brands that take the time to know us and anticipate our needs.  The brands that learn to make decisions through the lens of empathy will be the ones that thrive in 2018.


Four things we can learn from Disney

Our recent trip to Walt Disney World reminded me of just how amazing their brand is.  After nearly 100 years of business this global company continues to engage and amaze their customers.  These four things keep them at the top of the most meaningful brands:

1. They truly engage through media

2. Their narrative is larger than their product

3. The aspire to deliver excellence

4. They understand and anticipate their customers needs and problems

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Three things you need to build a brand
Growth is not a strategy.jpg

It can be overwhelming to think through all that has to happen to build a brand.  I believe in simplifying when possible, so let's make it fit on a post-it note.  To build a human-centric brand you need three things:

1. Strategy

2. Alignment

3. Advocate

Jack Fussell
Growth is not a strategy
Growth is not a strategy.jpg

Contrary to popular belief, growth is not a strategy....it's actually the result of a strategy.  In order for a strategy to work you need it to work with two main audiences: your customers and your employees.  Neither of these will rally around a strategy of growth.  They want more from you and your business deserves more from you. What do you think?