Identity is just the beginning


Identity is not the end, it’s just the beginning.  Identity comes when we know who we are and what makes us unique. This is grounded in an understanding of our customers and how we create and meaning in their life.  

Once we have this identity then we look for the gap.  The gap is the space between who we are/aspire to be and who we actually are.  When we ask our key stakeholders both internally and externally what they think and what they see the gap is revealed.

A logo is the flag that we raise for the journey and the journey takes us across the gap.  Our logo and identity is our rallying cry that keeps us focused and motivated but the work happens as we close the gap.

Brand building is the ongoing and intentional work of bringing our identity to reality in every aspect of our business.  People want meaning and meaning requires trust.  Fear exists when the gap is wide and trust is earned when the gap is small.  This is where the real work of brand building exists.



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Jack FussellComment