Marketing and Reputation : Where the Magic Happens


How do I grow my business? We usually think of marketing alone , but marketing doesn’t sell….marketing makes people aware.

For as long as business has been around marketing has existed.  A few years ago we were walking down the cobblestone streets of Salzburg, Austria and ancient marketing was everywhere.  A shoe hung above a shoe store and a gold pretzel adorned the outside of a bakery. The sign made people aware of what was being sold.  Marketing continues to serve this purpose, it makes people aware of who we are and what we offer.

As good as marketing is, marketing doesn’t sell….reputation does.  Reputation has always been around but in the digital age it is gained and lost at record speeds.  We can leave a review of a restaurant before we pay the check or a book before we get to the appendix.  Marketing makes us aware of a product or a company but reputation is ultimately what leads us to decide to purchase.  Reputation isn’t what we say about ourselves (that would be marketing) reputation is what others say about us, it’s their reaction to every interaction they have with us.

The magic happens when we bring a well-crafted, human-centric marketing strategy together with a reputation created by consistent experiences.  

Ready to create the magic with marketing and reputation?

Jack FussellComment