I'm Jack, Founder and Brand Strategist

I fell in love with branding in the most obscure place, Morocco.  While working for a business there my mislabeled rebellious tendencies of asking “Why?” and What if?” helped the company understand who they were and made what them unique and resulted in growth. At that moment the rebellious was embraced and a passion for brand was born.


Never to go down the same path as others, I’ve led my tribe (Valentina, Hailey, Parker and Landon) around Africa, Europe and back to the US in the endless pursuit of helping others succeed.  I’m a hopeful optimist who works as a strategist armed with passion, ideas, curiosity and an eye towards the future.  I truly believe that companies can do better than simply creating a logo and calling it a brand.  I see the value of marketing and reputation coming together to help companies grow with a uniquely human-centric approach.